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Ultimate 808 Drum Pack

The Ultimate 808 Drum Pack contains a massive variety of samples from the classic 808 drum. This drum kit is highly suitable for trap and hip-hop beats, but is equally useful for pop music, drum n' bass & dubstep producers.

1st > You have the drum machine sounds. You can’t get any more classic than the Roland TR-808. From the early days of hip hop with Rick Rubin productions for Run DMC, LL Cool J, etc, all the way to modern day trap music. It's hard to imagine a world without the 808! We've sampled an original TR-808  through a professional mastering chain with very transparent settings, so the sounds are not heavily colored. Get the character of this classic machine in a convenient sample pack.

2nd > You get the bass sounds, the thing nowadays defines the term '808'! Over the last years we've released a few products with 808 bass sounds. With the Ultimate 808 Drum Pack you get them all bundled up in one convenient package. That means you get Low End 808 Pack and the 808 Besties as well as many 808s from our producer packages. Trust us, you'll be set for a very long time with more than 160 unique 808s at your disposal!

The Ultimate 808 Drum Pack is available for instant download and is compatible with every sampler & software that can handle WAV audio files. 

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Ultimate 808 Drum Pack

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